• Whoever manages to get in early will win! Crypto Launchpads can help you stay ahead in the game. You just have to understand how they work.
  • Can the financial system ever be open and clear to all its players? That’s the point of DeFi!
  • Are all exchanges the same? What are the factors to consider when choosing an exchange as a beginner? Learn about it in the book!
  • Experts only allocate about 20-25% of their portfolio to trading. How much of yours have you been allocating to trading?
  • To day trade or to swing trade? It all depends on how much time and resources you’re ready to commit.
  • A cryptocurrency can rise to 10% of its price in one day. It could also go down by that figure on the same day. Are you prepared for the volatility of the crypto market? You can lose all if you’re unprepared!
  • Do you know that you can keep your mobile apps secure by using VPNs? Staying safe in the crypto space requires adequate knowledge.
  • Many crypto projects have died before they even took off. What are the signs of projects doomed to fail?
  • Everything from high profits to total loss is possible with cryptocurrency. How do you ensure that you win more than you lose? Find out in this book!
  • Is cryptocurrency really as secure as they say?
  • Many people would share the millions they made from crypto. What they won’t tell you is the journey. Read about the ups and downs of Stephen Voski’s journey in this book!

How can you tap into the wealth making possibilities of cryptocurrency without a guide?

There is a popular Nigerian saying - “Follow who know road.” It simply means to seek a proper guide in any unfamiliar aspect of life. When it comes to building generational wealth that will last, this advice holds true.

If you plan to make anything of the sometimes confusing world of cryptocurrencies, you need a good guide. You need someone who has walked this path successfully and has come out on the other end. Stephen Voski has made a success from the world of cryptocurrencies.

Was the journey to success easy? No! Did he make any mistakes on the way? You can bet on it. However, your journey can be way easier and faster by following his footsteps and avoiding his pitfalls.

Generational Wealth of cryptocurrency is the ultimate guide for any beginner!

  • This book came at the right time. It is the go-to guide for understanding the complex but interesting world of cryptocurrency. In an age where many want to get rich quick, this book throws light on what the crypto space is really about. If you want to know how to store up wealth for your children and children's children, then this is a must-read. A book for generational wealth indeed.
    Daniel Ani
    CEO, Danadel Solutions Ltd
  • A well-articulated compilation of beneficial crypto strategies and steps by a crypto expert in trading and investing with detailed and comprehensive information.
    Anthony Chimdiuto — aka Tony Diuto
    Founder DiutoCoinNews
  • If you are already in crypto or have the thought to start one down the road, I recommend you memorise every single sentence in the book and always read it every day of your life till you can read the book off hand. If making wealth in crypto is your problem, Voski has gifted you with a book that will make that dream come true for you. Highly recommend it to everyone. Happy Reading!
    Tolani Michael POPOOLA
    Founder, TollyClassic World
  • Voski has written a great introductory guide that would help anyone new to cryptocurrency find their footing. It is direct and resourceful at the same time and pays attention to major pain points that face those who don’t understand how the cryptocurrency ecosystem works. I urge you to buy this and, most importantly, read it and digest the valuable insights it contains
    Obiajulu Onyema Ogochukwu
    COO, ABiTNetwork
  • I love this book. It captures the true nature of cryptocurrencies and how to invest in them profitably.
    Prince Wonda
    Founder, Wondafund
  • Determination and Voski are synonymous!, Voski is a highly valued friend and business partner that has dedicated his body and soul to the propagation of crypto in Nigeria and worldwide.
    Ayuba Muhammad Bashir
    Aergo Knight
  • Voski's book has secrets that are vital to the success of any cryptocurrency trader or investor. I highly recommend it to everyone.
    Toju Kaka
    CEO, emecrypto.com
  • Several books on cryptocurrency are just too technical for the average reader to grasp in one read, but this book is not! Voski has done a great job simplifying crypto for all, so what’s your excuse?
    Nathaniel Luz
    Investment Director for Blazers Capital and Author of the most translated book on cryptocurrency and blockchain - Digital is the Cash.
  • Stephen Chukwu, popularly known as Voski, is one of the topmost industry players, writers, and educators in Africa’s Blockchain and Crypto space. His passion for technology is seen in his advocacy engagements, which has resulted in the education of thousands of people on blockchain and cryptocurrency through different platforms and mediums. Voski is a prolific writer, and every book or article from him is a recommended read to everyone who comes in contact with them.
    Obinna Iwuno
    Founder, The Crypto Bootcamp Executive Secretary, SiBAN
  • Stephen, well-known as "Voski,” has been building and tutoring newbies, showing them the ropes in the crypto space. I've known him for quite a while, and there's a lot I can say about him. If you want to know how passionate he is and how far he has come, check out his Facebook posts on crypto, as they’ve always aged well like fine wine.
    Mmenyene Ekpobo "Mazzaroth"
    Crypto Trader, and Investor
  • Stephen Voski is a very knowledgeable guy. I happen to work with him on a platform where he provides trading strategies, coins to trade, and holds, and his work has been of immense benefit to several people. He has contributed positively to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and made sure others benefit from his wealth of knowledge. If you are looking to start your journey or expand more on your cryptocurrency knowledge, you are on the right path to success by reading this book.
    Monday Aizeboje
    Crypto Trader, Investor, and Enthusiast

Why should you buy another guide?

Maybe this is not your first introduction into the world of crypto and you have read several books that have been less than helpful. It was not about their content per se, but you didn’t understand a word of the message being passed.

Then you really have to get this book!

Whether you have started on your crypto journey or this is your introduction to what the word cryptocurrency really means, you woud find the language of this book easy to comprehend. All the terms used are explained and the book is broken into easy to digest chapters.

All the information shared is accurate and verified. It is no scam or fluke! The book contains tested and trusted facts, written from experience and it will help you, no matter how far you have come.

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Whether you have started on your crypto journey or this is your introduction to what the word cryptocurrency really means, you woud find the language of this book easy to comprehend.

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